Enter the total weight lifted and the number of reps into the calculator to determine the total calories burned from the leg press.

Leg Press Calories Burned Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Leg Press Calories Burned.

C = W * R * D * .0003238315 *.707

  • Where C is the calories burned
  • W is the total weight lifted (lbs)
  • R is the total number of reps performed
  • D is the distance the weight is moved (ft)
    • For this calculator this is set to 3.5 feet and assumes we are only calculating the calories for the press motion. Adjusted this based on how deep of a press is being performed.

This calculator also assumes an angle of 45 degrees. This is also only the calories burned from the direct movement of the weight, it does not take into account extra calories burned from an increased cardiovascular state.

What is a Leg Press?


A leg press is a type of exercise machine in which the individual sits in an inclined chair with their feet in the air on a press plate. The sides of the plate are loaded with weights, and the individual “presses” the weight up and down with their legs.

How to Calculate calories burned from leg press?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Leg Press Calories Burned.

First, determine the total weight lifted. For this example, the person is pressing 300 pounds of weight with each repetition.

Next, determine the total number of reps performed. In this case, the person achieved 3 sets of 8, which yielded 24 total reps.

Finally, calculate the total number of calories burned using the formula above:

C = W * R * D * .0003238315 *.707

C = 300 * 24 * 3.5 * .0003238315 *.707

C = 5.76 calories