Enter your body weight and the total time spent sleeping into the calculator to determine the number of calories burned while sleeping.

Sleep Calorie Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total number of calories burned sleeping.

 C = 3.5 * BW/2.2042 * .9 / 200 * (H*60 + M)  
  • Where C is the number of calories burned
  • BW is your body weight (lbs)
  • H is the number of hours spent sleeping
  • M is the number of minutes spent sleeping.

How many calories do you burn sleeping?

The amount of calories a person burns in sleep depends on the time spent sleeping, the person’s weight, and the individual’s overall health.

On average people burn between 1 and 2 calories per minute which is 60-120 calories per hour.

How to caclulate calories burned while sleeping?

The following example problem outlines the necessary steps and information required to calculate the calories burned while sleeping.

First, determine your body weight. For this example problem, the person weighs 200 lbs.

Next, determine the total time spent sleeping. The person slept for a total of 8 hours in this example.

Finally, calculate the amount of calories burned while sleeping using the formula above:

C = 3.5 * BW/2.2042 * .9 / 200 * (H*60 + M)

C = 3.5 * 200/2.2042 * .9 / 200 * (8*60 + 0)

C = 685.96 calories