Enter your body weight and the total number of sit-ups performed into the calculator to determine the calories burned.

Sit Ups Calories Burned Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total number of calories burned while doing sit-ups.

C = SU * .5 * BW/150
  • Where C is the total number of calories burned
  • SU is the total number of sit-ups performed.
  • BW is the person's body weight

To calculate the calories burned while doing sit-ups, multiply the number of sit-ups by .5, multiply by the body weight, and then finally divide by 150.

How many calories are burned doing sit-ups?

One sit-up will burn an average of 1/2 or .5 calories for an average person that weighs 150 lbs. Heavier individuals will burn more per sit up and lighter individuals will burn less.

How to calculate the number of calories burned doing sit ups?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the step-by-step solution for calculating the number of calories burned while doing sit ups.

First, determine the total number of sit ups performed. In this example, the person performed 200 sit ups.

Next, determine the body weight of the person. In this case, the individual weighs a total of 180 lbs.

Finally, calculate the total number of calories burned using the formula above:

C = SU * .5 * BW/150

C = 200 * .5 * 180/150

C = 120 calories


What factors can affect the number of calories burned during sit-ups?

The number of calories burned during sit-ups can be affected by several factors including the individual's body weight, intensity of the exercise, total duration of the activity, and the person's metabolic rate. Heavier individuals tend to burn more calories than lighter individuals for the same amount of exercise due to the increased energy required to move a larger body mass.

Are sit-ups effective for weight loss?

Sit-ups can contribute to weight loss as part of a comprehensive fitness routine that includes aerobic exercises, strength training, and a healthy diet. While sit-ups help strengthen abdominal muscles, they alone are not sufficient for significant weight loss. Combining them with other exercises and a calorie-controlled diet is more effective for losing weight.

How often should I do sit-ups to see results?

The frequency of sit-up exercises should be based on your overall fitness goals and current level of fitness. For general fitness, incorporating sit-ups into a full-body workout routine 2-3 times a week is recommended. It's important to allow muscles time to recover between workouts. For specific goals like strengthening core muscles or improving abdominal muscle definition, you might adjust the frequency and intensity of your sit-up routine in consultation with a fitness professional.