Enter a person’s total height and torso length into the calculator to determine their leg to body ratio. This calculator can also evaluate the height of torso length given the other values.

Leg to Body Ratio Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a leg-to-body ratio.

L:B  = (H-T) / H
  • Where L:B is the leg to body ratio
  • H is the person’s total height (in)
  • T is the person’s torso length (in)

To calculate a leg to body ratio, subtract the person’s torso length from their height, then divide by their height.

What is a leg to body ratio?

A leg to body ratio is a simple metric used to describe how long someone’s legs are in relation to their body. This is expressed as a ratio of leg length to body length.

Leg to body ratio can be used to study athletic performance, endurance, performance, attractiveness, and other metrics.

For example, some studies have concluded that a larger leg-to-body ratio translates to better endurance running performance.

How to calculate leg to body ratio?

The following example outlines the steps needed to calculate a leg-to-body ratio.

First, measure the person’s overall height. In this example, the person is measured to be 73 inches.

Next, measure the person’s torso length. In this case, the torse is measured to be 30 inches.

Next, subtract the torso length from the overall height to get the leg length.

73 – 30 = 43 inches

Finally, divide the leg length by the overall height to get the leg to body ratio as a ratio to 1.

L:B = (H-T) / H

L:B = 43/ 73

L:B = .589 : 1