Enter the total number of pull-ups performed and your body weight into the calculator to determine your max weighted pull-up.

Max Weighted Pullup Formula

The following formula is used to calculate your maximum weight pull-up. (This is the extra amount of weight you can pull, not the total weight, including your body).

MWP = BW - (BW*(100/(100-R*2.75)))
  • Where MWP is your maximum extra weight pulled on a one rep max pullup (lbs)
  • BW is your body weight (lbs)
  • R is the number of reps you can do without any weight.

This formula holds fairly accurate up to 25-30 reps, then starts to become less accurate.

How much weight can you lift on a weighted pull-up?

The amount of weight a person can lift on a weighted pull-up will depend on their overall weight and the number of pull-ups they can currently do without any weight.

How to calculate the maximum weighted pull-up?

Example Problem:

The following example problem outlines how to calculate the estimated maximum amount you can pull on a weighted pullup.

First, measure your body weight. In this example, the person is 180 lbs.

Next, determine the number of pull-ups you can do without any extra weight. For this problem, the person can do 8 pullups.

Finally, calculate the maximum weight you can pull using the formula above:

MWP = BW – (BW*(100/(100-R*2.75)))

MWP = 180 – (180*((100-8*2.75)/100))

MWP = 39.6 lbs


What is the significance of calculating your max weighted pull-up?

Calculating your max weighted pull-up is significant for strength training and progression tracking. It helps in setting realistic goals for increasing upper body strength, particularly in the back, shoulders, and arm muscles. Understanding your max weighted pull-up can guide your training regimen, allowing for targeted improvements and helping to prevent overtraining or injury.

Can the max weighted pull-up formula be used by beginners?

Yes, the max weighted pull-up formula can be used by beginners, but with caution. It’s important for beginners to have a solid foundation of pull-up strength without added weight before attempting weighted pull-ups. The formula can help beginners set goals and gradually progress towards adding weight safely as their strength improves.

How often should I test my max weighted pull-up?

Testing your max weighted pull-up too frequently can lead to overtraining and potential injury. It’s generally recommended to test your max every 3-6 months. This interval allows sufficient time for strength development and provides a realistic gauge of your progress. Always ensure proper warm-up and technique to prevent injury during testing.