Enter your height, weight, age, sex, and activity level into the calculator to determine the minimum calories you can eat.

Minimum Calories Formula

The formula for calculating the minimum amount of calories a person can eat is:

Calories per day = BMR * A – 1000

Where BMR is the calories you burn at rest, and A is an activity factor that estimates the number of calories you burn while active.


What is the least amount of calories I can eat?

In general, the lowest possible amount of calories a person can eat is approximately 1000 less than what they burn per day. This is only sustainable for short periods of time. Adverse side effects will occur after longer than 1-2 months of this level of dieting if you are a normal weight human.

How many calories should I eat?

The number of calories any person should eat is dependent on the lifestyle and goals of that person. A person trying to lose weight should eat fewer calories than they burn, and a person trying to gain weight should eat more calories than they burn each day.

How do I burn more calories?

The best way to burn or calories is to simply be more active. This can be through exercise or simply moving around more throughout the day. Any activity or movement burns calories, so doing more of it will burn more.

Lifting weights can also build muscle that leads to an increase in calories burned while at rest (BMR).

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