Enter the total force in newtons and the total mass into the calculator to convert newtons to g-force.

Newtons to G Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Newtons to G Force.

GF = F/m/9.81
  • Where GF is the number of g-forces
  • F is the force in newtons
  • m is the mass (kg)

To calculate the g force from newtons, divide the force by the mass, then divide again by 9.81.

Can Newtons Be Converted to G-Force?

Newtons are a unit of measure of force. A g-force is a unit of acceleration relative to gravity’s acceleration; therefore, to convert between the two, you first need to convert newtons to acceleration by dividing by the object’s mass.

How to Calculate G Force From Newtons?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate g force from newtons.

First, determine the total force in newtons. In this example, the total force is measured to be 45 N.

Next, determine the mass of the object. This object is measured to have a mass of 9kg.

Finally, calculate the number of g-forces using the formula above:

GF = F/m/9.81

GF = 45/9/9.81

GF = .509 Gs