Enter the speed of the car in MPH and the radius of the turn into the calculator to determine the g-force pulled around the turn.

MPH to G Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the G forces from MPH.

Gf = (V/2.237)^2 / R / 9.81 
  • Where Gf is the number of G -forces pulled throughout a turn
  • V is the velocity of the car (mph)
  • R is the radius of the turn (m)

To calculate the g force from miles per hour, square the velocity of the car over 2.237, divide this result by the radius, then divide again by 9.81.

How many G-Forces does a car pull around a turn?

The amount of G-forces a car pulls around a turn is dependent on two factors.

  1. The speed of the car. The larger the velocity the greater the acceleration/g-forces.
  2. The radius of the turn. The tighter the turn, the higher the acceleration/g-forces.

How to Calculate G Force from MPH?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate G force from MPH.

First, determine the speed of the car. For this example, the car is moving around the turn at a speed of 50 MPH.

Next, determine the radius of the turn. This particular turn has a radius of 25m.

Finally, calculate the number of G-forces using the formula above:

Gf = (V/2.237)^2 / R / 9.81

Gf = (50/2.237)^2 /25 / 9.81

Gf = 2.03 Gs