Enter the total RPM, the mass, and the radius of rotation into the calculator to determine the number of G-Forces experienced.

RPM to G Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the G forces from RPM.

GF = (r*2*pi/60*RPM)^2 / r / 9.81
  • Where GF is the number of G forces
  • r is the radius of rotation
  • RPM is the number of rotations per minute

Can RPM be converted to G Force?

RPM can be converted to G force if you also know the radius of rotation. In this example, the RPM is first converted to tangential velocity, then the number of g forces is calculated.

How to Calculate G Force from RPM?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the g forces from RPM.

First, determine the total rotations per minute. In this example, the RPM is 50.

Next, determine the radius of rotation. This is provided as 2m.

Finally, calculate the g forces from the rpm using the formula above:

GF = (r*2*pi/60*RPM)^2 / r / 9.81

GF = (2*2*3.14159/60*50)^2 / 2 / 9.81

GF = 5.589 G forces