Enter the total nanoseconds (NS) into the calculator to determine the equivalent number of hertz (HZ). This calculator can also calculate NS given hz.

NS to HZ Formula

The following formula is used to calculate hertz from nanoseconds.

HZ = 1/(NS/(1*10^9))
  • Where HZ is the hertz
  • NS is the nanoseconds

To calculate HZ from NS, divide 1 by the nanoseconds divided by 1 times 10 to the 9th power.

What are NS and HZ?


NS is short for nano-seconds and is equal to 1*10^-9 seconds.

HZ is short for seconds and is equal to 1 divided by seconds.

How to convert NS to HZ?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate hertz from nanoseconds.

First, determine the time in nanoseconds. In this example, there are 1000 nanoseconds.

Next, convert nanoseconds into seconds by divide by 1*10^9.

So 1000/(1*10^9) = 1*10^-6

Finally, calculate the hertz using the formula above:

HZ = 1/(NS/1*10^9)

HZ = 1/(1*10^-6)

HZ = 1*10^6