Enter the thickness, outside diameter, and mean radius into the calculator to determine the pipe bend weight.

Pipe Bend Weight Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Pipe Bend Weight.

PBW = .0387*T*(OD-T)*R/1000
  • Where PBW is the pipe bend weight (kg)
  • T is the thickness (mm)
  • OD is the outside diameter (mm)
  • R is the mean radius (mm)

What is a Pipe Bend Weight?


A pipe bend weight is defined as the total weight or mass required to bend a pipe to a 90-degree angle. This weight or mass, if multiplied by the acceleration due to gravity, would equal the force to bend the pipe.

How to Calculate Pipe Bend Weight?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Pipe Bend Weight.

First, determine the outside diameter of the pipe. For this example, the OD is measured to be 5mm.

Next, determine the thickness. This pipe has a thickness of 1mm.

Next, determine the mean radius. The mean radius of the pipe is calculated to be 3mm.

Finally, calculate the pipe bend weight using the formula above:

PBW = .0387*T*(OD-T)*R/1000

PBW = .0387*1*(5-1)*3/1000

PBW = .0004644 kg