Enter the diameter of the tube and select the angle of bend into the calculator to determine the tube bend radius.

Tube Bend Radius Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the bend radius of a tube:

R = 2 * D
  • Where R is the tube bend radius
  • D is the diameter of the tube

To calculate a tube bend radius, simply multiply the diameter of the rube by 2.


What is a tube bend radius?

A tube bend radius is a measure of the proper radius that a tube should be bent at given the diameter of the tube.

The bend radius insures that the tube stays structurally sound after it is bent. A tube with a bend radius that is too small will risk weakening the structural integrity after bending.

Example Problem

How to calculate a bend radius?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information required for calculating a tube bend radius.

The only piece of information you need for calculating the tube bend radius is the diameter of the tube. This should be the outside diameter of the tube, not the inside diameter.

For this example problem, the diameter is 5 inches.

Next, simply use the formula above to calculate the bend radius:

R = 2 * D

R = 2 * 5

R = 10 inches