Enter the outside diameter, inside diameter, length of the tube, and density into the calculator to determine the weight of the tube.

Weight of Tube Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the weight of a tube.

W = pi*(r2-r1)^2*h*d

  • Where W is the weight of the tube
  • r2 is the outside radius
  • r1 is the inside radius
  • h is the length
  • d is the density (.285 lb/in^3 for steel)

Weight of Tube Definition

A weight of a tube is typically used to describe the total weight of a steel pipe.

Weight of Tube Example

how to calculate the weight of a tube?

  1. First, determine the outside radius.

    Measure the outside radius of the tube.

  2. Next, determine the inside radius.

    Measure the inside radius of the pipe.

  3. Next, determine the length.

    Measure the length of the tube.

  4. Next, determine the density.

    Calculate the density of the material the tube is made of.

  5. Finally, calculate the weight.

    Calculate the weight of the tube using the equation above.


What is the density of steel?

Steel density typically ranges from .280-.291 lb/in^3 depending on the exact composition.

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