Enter the Plato degrees into the calculator to determine the specific gravity.

Plato To Sg Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the specific gravity (SG) from Plato degrees (°P).

SG = 1 + (°P / (258.6 - (°P/258.2)*227.1))


  • SG is the specific gravity °P is the Plato degrees

To calculate the specific gravity from Plato degrees, divide the Plato degrees by 258.6. Then subtract the result of dividing the Plato degrees by 258.2 and multiplying by 227.1 from 258.6. Finally, divide the Plato degrees by the result and add 1 to get the specific gravity.

What is a Plato To Sg?

A Plato to SG (Specific Gravity) conversion is used in brewing beer to measure the density of the liquid in comparison to water. Plato measures the sugar content in a solution, specifically the percentage of sucrose by weight. Specific Gravity, on the other hand, measures the relative density of the liquid compared to water. Therefore, converting Plato to SG allows brewers to understand the sugar content in their brew, which is crucial for determining the potential alcohol content.