Enter the total PSI (pounds per square inch) into the calculator to determine the PSF (pounds per square foot). This calculator can also determine PSI given PSF.

PSI to PSF Formula

The following formula is used to calculate PSF from PSI.

PSF = PSI / 144

  • Where PSF is pounds per square foot (lbs/ft^2)
  • PSI is pounds per square inch (lbs/inch^2)

To calculate PSF from PSI, divide the PSI by 144.

How is PSI converted to PSF?

Since pounds per square inch and pounds per square foot both have pounds in the numerator, the conversion is the same as converting between just square inches and square feet.

There are 144 square inches in a square foot, so to calculate PSF from PSI, simply divide PSI by 144.

How to calculate PSF from PSI?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to convert PSI to PSF.

First, determine the pounds per square inch. In this example, the total pounds are given as 100 and the total square inches are given as 50. The pounds per square inch are then calculated by dividing the pounds by the area.

100 / 50 = 2 lbs/in^2

Finally, convert the PSI to PSF using the formula above:

PSF = PSI / 144

PSF = 2/ 144

PSF = .013888 lbs/ft^2