Enter the total force in newtons and the total area in square inches to determine the PSI. This calculator can also calculate the area or newtons given the other variables.

Force To PSI Formula

The following formula is used to convert Force to PSI.

PSI = N / 4.448 / A
  • Where PSI is the pounds per square inch
  • N is the total force in Newton
  • A is the total area in square inches

To calculate PSI from newtons, divide the force by 4.448, then divide again by the area in square inches.

How are Newtons converted to PSI?

Since Newtons are a unit of force and PSI is a unit of pressure, these two units cannot be converted to one another without additional information.

That additional information in this case is the total area the force is acting on. Newtons are first converted to pounds of force by dividing by 4.448, then the result is divided by the area in square inches to get the result in PSI.

How to calculate PSI from Newtons?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate PSI from Newtons.

First, determine the total force in newtons. For this example, the total force is measured to be 50N.

Next, convert the force from Newtons to pounds. Multiply by .224809 to get pounds.

50*.224809 = 11.24045 lb-f

Next, determine the total area in square inches. In this case, the total area is 5 square inches.

Finally, calculate the PSI using the formula above:

PSI = N / .224809 / A

PSI = 11.24045 / 5

PSI = 2.248 lbs/in^2