Enter the total number of rack units into the calculator to determine the rack unit height.

Rack Unit Height Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the correct rack unit height.

h = (1.75*n - .0031) 
  • Where h is the rack unit height (inches)
  • n is the total number of rack units

To calculate the rack unit height, multiply the number of rack units by 1.75, then subtract .0031.

What is a rack unit?


A rack unit is defined as a unit of measure equal to 1.75 or 1 – 3/4 inches. It’s commonly used in the use of rack frames, and their overall height.

How to caclulate rack unit height?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate a rack unit height.

First, determine the total number of rack units. In this case, the rack unit is a 3U rack, so the number of units is 3.

Next, the last and final step is to calculate the rack height using the formula above:

h = (1.75*n – .0031)

h = (1.75*3 – .0031)

h = 5.2469 inches