RC Circuit Calculator

Enter the total capacitance and total resistance into the calculator below to calculate the frequency of an RC Circuit.

RC Circuit Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the frequency of an RC circuit.

f = 1/(2π * R * C)

  • Where f is the frequency (Hz)
  • R is the resistance (Ohm’s)
  • C is the capacitance (Farads)

This equation is used only for RC circuits. As the name suggests, and RC circuit consists of a resistor with resistance r and capacitor with capacitance c. The resistor or resistors are combined in a series in the case of using this formula

There are two major uses for RC Circuit. One, to filter using the frequency, or to store energy using the capacitor. The total energy that can be stored by the circuit is only dictated by the capacitance, however, the rate of charge is affected by the resistor.

RC Circuit Calculator
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