Enter the coordinate points of to 3 different points into the calculator to reflect them over the x-axis.

Reflect Over X-Axis Formula

The following formula is used to reflect a coordinate point about the x-axis.

(X2,Y2) = (X1,Y1) * (1,-1)
  • Where X2 and Y2 are the new reflected coordinates
  • X1 and Y1 are the original coordinate points

To calculate a reflection over the x axis, keep the x-coordinate and multiply the y value by negative 1.

Reflect Over X-Axis Definition

Reflection over the x-axis is the process of producing a coordinate point that is mirrored across the x-axis of the coordinate plane. That is it has the same X coordinate and opposite y4 coordinate.

Reflect over X-Axis Example

How to reflect over the x-axis?

  1. First, determine the original coordinate points.

    For this example, we will say the coordinate points are (4,5).

  2. Next, calculate the new coordinate points.

    Using the formula above we calculate the new reflected points as (4,5)*(1,-1) = (4,-5).


What are the coordinates of a point reflected across the x-axis?

Any point reflected across the x-axis will have the same x value and the opposite y value as the original point.