Enter the footage of fiberglass rods and the seating nipple depth into the calculator to determine the rod pump spacing.

Rod Pump Spacing Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Rod Pump Spacing.

RPS = (9*FL)/1000 + (2*SND)/1000
  • Where RPS is the rod pump spacing (in)
  • FL is the fiberglass rod length (ft)
  • SND is the seating nipple depth (ft)

How to Calculate Rod Pump Spacing?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Rod Pump Spacing.

First, determine the fiberglass rod length. In this example, the rod length is 500 ft.

Next, determine the seating nipple depth. This is measured to be 2ft.

Finally, calculate the rod pump spacing using the formula above:

RPS = (9*FL)/1000 + (2*SND)/1000

RPS = (9*500)/1000 + (2*2)/1000

RPS = 4.5 feet