Enter the radius at the base of the stockpile and the height of the stockpile into the calculator to determine the soil stockpile volume.

Soil Stockpile Volume Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Soil Stockpile Volume.

SSV = 1/3*pi*R^2*H
  • Where SSV is the soil stockpile volume (ft^3)
  • R is the radius at the base of the pile (1/2 of the width/length of base) (ft)
  • H is the height of the stockpile (ft)

Calculating the volume of a stockpile is the same as calculating the volume of a cone, since when material like soil is put into a pile, it tends to create the shape of a cone.

What is a Soil Stockpile Volume?


A soil stockpile volume is the total volume taken up by a pile of soil.

How to Calculate Soil Stockpile Volume?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Soil Stockpile Volume.

First, determine the radius of the pile at the base. In this example, the radius is measured to be 10 ft.

Next, determine the height of the pile. In this case, the height is measured to be 5 ft.

Finally, calculate the soil stockpile volume using the formula above:

SSV = 1/3*pi*R^2*H

SSV = 1/3*3.14159*10^2*5

SSV = 523.54 ft^3