Enter the total square footage and the desired thickness into the calculator to determine the required cubic yards of loam needed. This calculator can also determine the area or depth given the yards of loam and the value of the other variable.

Yards Of Loam Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total cubic yards of loam needed to cover an area at a given depth.

CYL = (SF * D/12 ) / 27
  • Where CYL is the cubic yards of loam
  • SF is the total area in square feet
  • D is the total depth in inches

To calculate the total yards of loam, multiply the area by the depth, then convert the result into cubic yards.

What is Loam?


Loam is a fertile soil of clay and sand that contains humus.

How to calculate yards of loam?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate yards of loam.

First, determine the total area to be covered. In this example, the area is 500 square feet.

Next, determine the depth of loam needed. In this case, the contractor wants a depth of 5 inches of loam.

Finally, use the formula above to calculate the total yards of loam.

CYL = (SF * D/12 ) / 27

CYL = (500 * 5/12 ) / 27

CYL = 7.716 cubic yards