Enter the total amount of square feet to be covered, the depth, and the density of the material into the calculator to convert square feet to tons.

Square Feet to Tons Formula

The following formula is used to convert square feet into tons.

T = A * Th/12 * D

  • Where T is the number of tons of material
  • A is the area of the coverage (square feet)
  • Th is the depth or thickness of the coverage (inches)
  • D is the density of the material (tons/ft^3)
    • The average density of some common materials are:
      • Gravel = .05244 tons/ft^3
      • Mulch = .022 tons/ft^3

How is square feet converted into tons?

Square feet are units of area and tons are units of weight, so additional information is needed to convert between the two.

First, convert the square feet to volume by multiplying the area by the thickness, then multiply that result by the density to get weight.

How to calculate tons from square feet?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate tons from square feet.

First, determine the area of the coverage. For this example, an area of 400 square feet will be covered by gravel.

Next, determine the thickness of the coverage. In this case, the thickness is measured to be 5 inches.

Next, determine the density of gravel. Gravel has an average density of .05244 tons/ft^3

Finally, calculate the total weight in tons using the formula above:

T = A * Th/12 * D

T = 400 * 5/12 * .05244

T = 8.74 tons