Spring Constant Calculator

Calculate the spring constant of a spring using Hooke’s Law. Enter the spring displacement and force on the spring to calculate the spring constant.

Hooke’s Law Formula

The following is hooke’s law formula for determining the spring constant of a spring:

F = -k*x

Where F is the force (N)

k is the spring constant (N/m)

x is the displacement (m) (positive for displacement, negative for compression)

What is a spring constant?

A spring constant is a measure of a springs ability to resist compression and elongation. The higher the spring constant, the harder it is to compress or stretch it. This value is also a measure of elasticity. That is, elasticity is directly related to the force constant. The higher the elasticity, the lower the spring constant.

The force and displacement are proportional so if graphed against one another, it would yield a straight line.

How to calculate spring constant

The calculate the spring constant, you need to measure both the force acting on the spring, and the displacement caused by the force. The you simply plug those values into the calculator above.

Once you know the spring constant you can calculate the displacement or force acting on a spring given you have the other value.

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