Enter the modulus of elasticity, angular deflection, length, width, and thickness of a torsion spring into the calculator to determine the torque.

Spiral Torsion Spring Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the torque provided by a spiral spring.

M = [ pi * E * b * t^3 * theta ] / [ 6 * L ]

  • Where E is the modulus of elasticity
  • b is the material width
  • t is the material thickness
  • theta is the angle of deflection
  • L is the length

Spiral Torsion Definition

Spiral torsion is the measure of torque of the moment about an axis caused by a helical spring and twisting force.

Spiral Torsion Example

How to calculate spiral torsion?

  1. First, determine the modulus of elasticity.

    Calculate the modulus of elasticity.

  2. Next, determine the material width.

    Measure the width of the material.

  3. Next, determine the thickness of the material.

    Measure the total thickness.

  4. Next, determine the length.

    Calculate the total length of the spring.

  5. Finally, calculate the spiral torsion.

    Calculate the spiral torsion using the equation above.


What is spiral torsion?

Spiral torsion is a measure of the torque or moment provided by a spiral or helical spring.

What is torque?

Torque is a measure of force per unit distance.

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