Enter the throughput in MBps and the KB per IO into the calculator to determine the IPOS.

Throughput to IOPS Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the IOPS.

IOPS = (T / (KB/IO) ) * 1024
  • Where IOPS is the input output operations per second
  • T is the through put (MB/s)
  • KB/IO is the kilobytes per input-output operation

To calculate IOPS from throughput, divide the throughput by the kilobytes per IO, then multiply by 1024.

What is a IOPS?


IOPS is short for input-output operations per second. It measures the total data transfer per second in a typical input-output process.

How to Calculate IOPS from Throughput?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate IOPS.

First, determine the total throughput. For this example problem, the total throughput is measured to be 100 MB/s.

Next, determine the KB/IO. The kilobytes per operation, in this case, is measured to be 50.

Finally, calculate the IOPOS using the formula above:

IOPS = (T / (KB/IO) ) * 1024

IOPS = (100/ 50) * 1024

IOPS = 2048 IOPS