Enter the total file size and total upload speed into the calculator to determine the total upload time.

Upload Time Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the total upload time of a digital file.

UT = FS / US
  • Where UT is the total time
  • FS is the total file size
  • US is the total upload speed

To calculate upload time, divide the total file size by the upload speed.

Upload Time Definition

An upload time is defined as the total time it takes to upload a digital file from your computer or server to another computer or server.

Upload Time Example Problem

How to calculate upload time?

  1. First, determine the total digital file size.

    For example, we will say the digital file, in this case, is 500 MB.

  2. Next, convert the file size from Bytes to bits.

    Since most uploads or displayed in bits per second, to accurately calculate the upload time you must convert the total number of bytes to bit. This is done by multiplying the Bytes by 8. So 500 * 8 = 4,000 bits.

  3. Next, determine your upload speed or rate.

    For this example, the upload speed is found to be 100 Mbs.

  4. Finally, calculate the upload time.

    Using the formula above, we can calculate the upload time. 4000/100 = 40 seconds upload time.

Upload Time

Do upload times really matter? Upload times can be extremely important depending on the application and the person being asked. For the average day person, having a video you made upload to youtube in 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes is not a big difference. For a huge publisher or business, time is money. If you can save 15 minutes of upload time per video, and are publishing thousands of videos, that equates to a lot more money.

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