Enter the total number of engagements and impressions on a tweet to determine the Twitter engagement rate.

Twitter Engagement Rate Formula

The following formula is used to determine a Twitter engagement rate.

ER = E / I * 100 
  • Where ER is the twitter engagement rate
  • I is the number of impressions
  • E is the number of engagements

To calculate a twitter engagement rate, divide the number of engagements by the number of impression, then multiply by 100.

Example Problem

How to calculate Twitter engagement rate?

  1. First, determine the total number of engagements of the tweet.

    For this example, a tweet promoting a new product is sent out, and over the following week, it gets 1,000 engagements.

  2. Next, determine the total number of impressions.

    For this problem, over the same time period, the tweet is found to get 98,000 impressions.

  3. Finally, calculate the Twitter engagement rate.

    Using the formula above, the Twitter engagement rate is found to be 1,000/98,000 *100 = 1.02%.


What is a good Twitter engagement rate?

Typically all social media engagement rates fall between 1 and 5% for normal sponsored content. For Twitter, this normally is on the higher end around 3-5%, but some engagements are accidental, so the true number could be lower.

How can you increase a Twitter engagement rate?

There are two key methods that someone can use to improve their Twitter engagement rates.

The first is to simply create more engaging content and tweets. When promoting a tweet, it’s important to put significant time into creating a tweet that will grab people’s attention and make them engage with it. This could be anything from adding a creative picture or including a quick one-liner that people want to share.

The second method for improving engagement rate is to target the proper audience. When promoting content on Twitter, selecting the right audience and hashtags is critical. No matter how good your tweet is, if people that are seeing it are interested in the subject, they won’t engage with it.