Enter the total number of page visits and a total number of conversions into the calculator. The calculator will display the conversion rate as a percent and decimal.

Conversion Rate Formula

The following equation can be used to calculate the conversion rate of a given web page, website, or even a specific advertisement.

CR = V/C

  • Where CR is the conversion rate
  • V is the total number of visits (or ad clicks)
  • and C is the total number of conversions

Conversion Rate Definition

A conversion rate is defined as the ratio of the number of visits or clicks to the total number of conversions.

Conversion Rate Example

How to calculate a conversion rate

  1. First, you must choose specifically what you are analyzing.

    This could be a specific web page, an entire website, a specific ad, or any other type of medium that leads to conversions.

  2. Next, calculate the total number of visits

    Calculate the number of unique visits to the particular location. It’s important to make sure you measure unique visits and not page views. Some users may return to your page at a later time and this would count as an additional page view, but not a visit.

  3. Next, measure the total conversions.

    Gather your information needed to determine the total number of conversions.

  4. Finally, calculate your conversion rate.

    Using the information from the steps above, and the equation or calculator, evaluate your conversion rate.


What is a conversion rate?

A conversion rate is a measure of the rate at which a visitor to a particular web page or other medium engages and achieves the desired goal. Most often this conversion is a sale of a good or service, but it could also be as simple as signing up for an email listing.

How do i increase conversion rate?

The best way to increase conversion rates is through optimizing web pages and advertisements to target people that are more likely to convert.

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