Enter the power in watts, along with the voltage of the system, and whether the current is in DC or AC to convert the watts to amps.

Watts to Amps Formula

The following equation can be used to convert watts to amps.

For DC Currents: I = P / V

  • Where I is the current (amps)
  • P is the power in Watts
  • V is the voltage in volts

For AC Currents: I = P/ (V*PF)

  • Where I is the current (amps)
  • P is the power in watts
  • V is the voltage in volts
  • PF is the power factor.

When solving for DC currents, leave the power factor section blank. The power factor is a measure of the efficiency of AC currents since they are represented by a single-phase sine wave. As can be seen, by the equations above, converting watts to amps is not a direct conversion. This is because watts are a measure of energy per unit time and amps are a measure of current. These are different values and as a result, you need additional information, in this case, the voltage, to convert one value to the other.

Watts to Amps Calculator
watts to amps formula