Enter the number of sides of an object into the calculator to determine the correct wood angle cut.

Angle Cut Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a miter angle cut.

A = 180 / S / 2
  • Where A is the miter angle cut in degrees
  • S is the number of sides of the object or corner

To calculate an angle cut, divide 180 by half of the number of sides.

Angle Cut Definition

What is an angle cut? An angle cut is a measure of the angle required to set a miter at for cutting wood into a desired number of sides.


How to calculate an angle cut?

  1. First determine the number of sides.

    For this example, we are attempting to cut a piece of lumber into a 4 sided object.

  2. Next, calculate the miter angle.

    Using the formula above, calculate the angle cut. 180/4/2 = 22.50 degrees miter angle cut.

Cutting Angles

Cutting angles are most often used in the process of making joints for two or more pieces of wood. The angle that the wood is cut at is often referred to as the miter cut.

The most common type of miter angle is 45 degrees. This is because a 45-degree angle is used to join two pieces of wood at a total of 90 degrees.

While the most common cut joins only two sides or pieces of wood, more than two pieces of wood can be combined to form 90 degrees. For example, a 3-piece joint would require angles of 30 degrees.

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