Enter the total number of steps and the total amount of time (minutes) into the calculator to determine your cadence.

Cadence Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a running cadence:

C = S / T

  • Where C is the cadence (steps per minute)
  • S is the total nuber of steps
  • T is the total amount of time (minutes)

Cadence Definition

What is cadence?

Cadence, as it refers to running, is the rate of steps per time that a runner is moving at. Cadence is also used in cycling to describe the rate of pedal movement relative to bike speed.

What is a good cadence?

For distance runners, that is those that run distance over a mile long, usually shoot for a cadence of greater than 150 steps per minute. Some even reach close to 190-200. They reach these high cadences by reducing their stride length.

Example Problem

How to calculate cadence?

First, determine the total number of steps. For this example, the person when for a run and recorded a total number of steps of 5000.

Next, determine the total number of minutes. The run this person went on took them a total of 35 minutes.

Finally, calculate the cadence using the formula above:

C = S / T

C = 5000/35

C = 142.85 steps per minute