Enter the total number of steps and the total amount of time (minutes) into the calculator to determine your cadence. This calculator can also calculate the number of steps or time if given the other variables.

Cadence Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a running cadence:

C = S / T 
  • Where C is the cadence (steps per minute)
  • S is the total number of steps
  • T is the total amount of time (minutes)

To calculate a running cadence, divide the total number of steps by the total time in minutes. This gives you cadence in steps per minute.

Cadence Definition

What is cadence?

Cadence, as it refers to running, is the rate of steps per time that a runner is moving at. Cadence is also used in cycling to describe the rate of pedal movement relative to bike speed.

What is a good cadence?

For distance runners, that is those that run distance over a mile long, usually shoot for a cadence of greater than 150 steps per minute. Some even reach close to 190-200. They reach these high cadences by reducing their stride length.

Example Problem

How to calculate cadence?

First, determine the total number of steps. For this example, the person when for a run and recorded a total number of steps of 5000.

Next, determine the total number of minutes. The run this person went on took them a total of 35 minutes.

Finally, calculate the cadence using the formula above:

C = S / T

C = 5000/35

C = 142.85 steps per minute