Enter the total volume of natural gas in cubic feet into the calculator to determine the total equivalent therms and BTUs.

CCF to Therms Formula

The following formula is used to convert cubic feet of natural gas to therms of energy.

T = CCF / 96.7

  • Where T is therms of energy
  • CCF is the cubic feet of natural gas

The number of therms of energy can then be converted into British thermal units (BTUs) using the formula:

BTUs = T * 100,000

  • Where BTUs is british thermal units

What is a therm?

A therm is a unit of measure of energy, typically used when dealing with large amounts of energy.

How to convert CCF to therms?

The following example problem outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the total number of therms given the cubic feet of natural gas.

First, determine the total volume of cubic feet. For this example problem, the total volume of natural gas is measured to be 500 ft^3.

Next, use the formula above to convert the ccf to therms.

T = CCF / 96.7

T = 500 / 96.7

T = 5.17 therms

Then to convert into BTUs, multiply by 100,000.

BTUs = T * 100,000

BTUs = 5.17 * 100,000

BTUs = 517,000