Enter the total cross-sectional area, resistivity of the component, and length into the calculator to determine the conductance.

Conductance Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the conductance of an electronic component.

C = A / (p * L)

  • Where C is the conductance (siemens)
  • A is the area (m^2)
  • p is the resistivity
  • L is the length (m)

Conductance Definition

Conductance is defined as the ability of a material or system to transmit the flow of electrons through itself.

Conductance Example

How to calculate conductance?

  1. First, determine the area.

    Calculate the total area of the material.

  2. Next, determine the resistivity.

    Calculate the resistivity of the material.

  3. Next, determine the length.

    Measure the total length of electron flow.

  4. Finally, calculate the conductance.

    Calculate the conductance using the formula above.


What is conductance?

Conductance is a measure of a material’s ability to allow electrons to flow through it.

What is resistivity?

Resistivity is a measure of the resistance of flow to electrons.

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