Dice Average Calculator

Enter the max die role (sum of all dice) and the number of dice into the calculator to determine the average dice role value.

Dice Average Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the average value of a set of dice.

AV = ( (M + 1 )/ 2 ) * N

  • Where AV is the average dice value
  • M is the max value of all dice
  • N is the total number of die


Let’s look at a simple example of how to used the equation above.

  1. First, we need to determine the max value of 1 dice. For this example will will assume standard dice so the max value is 6.
  2. Next we need to determine the number of dice. Simply count them up. For this we will say 10 dice.
  3. Finally, enter the information into the formula above. We get the results (6+1/2)*6 = 21 average roll value.
dice average calculator

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