Enter the total weight in grams and the density into the calculator to determine the total volume in meters cubed.

Grams to Meters Cubed Formula

The following formula is used to calculate meters cubed from grams.

V = W / D
  • Where V is the volume in meters cubed
  • W is the weight in grams
  • D is the density in g/m^3

To calculate the meters cubed from grams, divide the weight in grams by the density in grams per meter cubed.

How are grams converted to meters?

In most cases, when talking about converting grams to meters, people actually mean grams to meters cubed.

In those cases, the conversion of the grams as a weight unit to meters cubed as a volume unit is done through the use of the density.

How to calculate meters from grams?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate meters cubed from grams.

First, determine the total weight. In this example, the weight is measured to be 500 grams.

Next, determine the density of the material. In this case, the density is 1,225 grams per meter cubed.

Finally, calculate the meters cubed (volume) using the formula above:

V = W / D

V = 500 / 1225

V = .408 m^3