Enter the total number of acres and total cost per acre of hydroseeding into the calculator to determine the hydroseeding cost.

Hydroseeding Cost Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a hydroseeding cost.

C = TA * CPA
  • Where C is the total cost of hydroseeding ($)
  • TA is the total number of acres
  • CPA is the cost per acre of hydroseeding ($/acre)

To calculate the total hydroseeding cost, multiply the total number of acres by the cost per acre.

What is hydroseeding?


Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a watery mixture of seeds, mulch, and fertilizer simultaneously onto an area of land with the hopes of accelerating the growth of the seeds planted.

How much does it cost to hydroseed?

On average, hydroseeding costs around $3,000 per acre of land. Depending on the area, type of seed, and type of fertilizer, this cost could be more or less.

How to calculate hydroseeding cost?


The following example problem outlines the steps for calculating the cost of hydroseeding.

First, determine the total area of land that is going to receive the hydroseeding. In this example, the total area of soil that will have hydroseeding is 3 acres.

Next, determine the total cost per acre of hydroseeding being offered. In this example, a company is offering a price of $2500.00 per acre.

Finally, calculate the total cost using the formula above:

C = TA * CPA

C = 3 * 2500

C = $7,500.00