Enter either the total nm (newton meters) or total ft-lbs (foot pounds) into the nm to ft-lbs calculator to determine the conversion between units.

Calculator Operations:

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NM to ft-lbs Formula

The following formula is used to convert NM to ft-lbs.

ft-lbs = NM * 0.73756
  • Where ft-lbs is foot-pounds
  • NM is newton meters

To calculate nm from ft-lb, multiply the total newton meters (nm) by .73756. To calculate ft-lbs from nm, divide the foot pounds (nm) by .73756.

Common Conversion Values

The following list outlines some of the most common conversions between nm and ft-lbs.

  • 1 nm = .73756 ft-lbs
  • 2 nm = 1.47512 ft-lbs
  • 3 nm = 2.21267 ft-lbs
  • 4 nm = 2.95024 ft-lbs
  • 5 nm = 3.6878 ft-lbs
  • 10 nm = 7.3756 ft-lbs
  • 50 nm = 36.878 ft-lbs
  • 50 ft-lbs = 67.89109 nm


NM and ft-lbs are both units of torque representing a distance times a force. Converting between the two is done using the formula ft-lbs= N-m*.73756 or conversely, N-m= ft-lbs / .73756.

Example Problem

How to convert NM to ft-lbs?

  1. First, determine the value of the torque in NM.

    NM, or sometimes denoted N-m, stands for Newtons times meters. In order to achieve your first torque measurement, you will want to multiply the force in Newtons times the length in meters. For this example, we will say our torque measurement is 50N-m.

  2. Next, use the formula above to convert the units into ft-lbs.

    Using the formula, we find the total foot-pounds of torque to be: 50*.73756 = 36.878 ft-lbs.


What is a newton meter? A newton meter is a unit of measure used to describe torque. Torque is a measurement that is equal to the force times the distance from a point of rotation.

Why would you need to convert torque units? As with most engineering problems, the units used by different companies and countries vary. As a result, it’s important to convert any unit, including torque units, into the proper unit for the specific application. If you do not convert the N-m into ft-lbs for problems with units of feet and pounds, the end result will be a miscalculation and potential failure of the application.

NM to ft-lbs torque conversion calculator
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