Enter the contact surface interference pressure, the contact surface area of the bearing, and the coefficient of friction into the calculator to determine the press fit force.

Press Fit Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Press Fit Force.

F_p = p * A * u
  • Where Fp is the press fit force (N)
  • p is the contact surface interference pressure (N/m^2)
    • The contact surface interference pressure is dependent on the size, elasticity, interference fit, and Poisson’s ratios of the housing and sleeve.
  • A is the contact surface area (m^2)
  • u is the coefficient of friction between the bearing and housing

To calculate a press fit force, multiply the contact interference pressure by the contact surface area, then again by the coefficient of friction.

What is a Press Fit Force?


A press-fit force is a required force needed to press a bearing, or similar object, into a housing.

How to Calculate Press Fit Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate the Press Fit Force.

First, determine the contact surface interference pressure. In this example, the is calculated to be 500 N/m^2.

Next, determine the contact surface area. This is measured to be .125 m^2.

Next, determine the coefficient of friction. For this example, the coefficient of frication .56.

Finally, calculate the press fit force using the formula above:

Fp = p * A * u

Fp = 500 * .125 * .56

Fp = 35 N