Enter the cutting force and the stripping force into the calculator to determine the press force.

Press Force Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Press Force.

PF = CF + SF
  • Where PF is the press force
  • CF is the cutting force
  • SF is the stripping force
    • The stripping force is generally around 10-20% of the cutting force

To calculate the press force, add the cutting force and stripping force together.

The cutting force can further be broken down into the following equation:

CF = L * S * T
  • Where L is the length to be cut
  • S is the sheet thickness
  • T is the shear strength of the material

What is a Press Force?


A press force is the total amount of force that a press needs to exert on a material in order to cut the material properly. This force is a combination of cutting and stripping force.

How to Calculate Press Force?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines the steps and information needed to calculate Press Force.

First, determine the cutting force. From the length, thickness, and shear strength, the cutting force in this example is calculated to be 100 N.

Next, determine the stripping force. Using the general rule of thumb of 15% then stripping force is found to be 15 N.

Finally, calculate the press force using the formula above:

PF = CF + SF

PF = 100+15

PF =115N