Enter the rate of conveying, product density, valve efficiency, and rotor speed into the calculator to determine the Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity.

Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity Formula

The following equation is used to calculate the Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity.

C = R / D / (E/100) / S
  • Where C is the rotary airlock valve capacity (volume)
  • R is the rate of conveying (units per minute)
  • D is the product density (units per volume)
  • E is the valve efficiency (%)
  • S is the rotor speed (RPM)

To calculate the Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity, divide the rate of conveying by the product density, then divide the result by the valve efficiency, and finally divide that result by the rotor speed.

What is a rotary airlock valve capacity?


A rotary airlock valve capacity is the total amount of product that a rotary feeder can move through an opening per unit of time.

How to Calculate Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate the capacity of a rotary airlock feeder.

First, determine the rate of conveying. In this example, the rate is measured to be 100 units per minute.

Next, determine the unit density. The unit density is measured to be 5 units per ft^3.

Next, determine the efficiency of the valve. This valve runs at an efficiency of 75%.

Next, determine the rotor speed in RPM. This airlock feed has a sped of 200 RPM.

Finally, calculate the Rotary Airlock Valve Capacity using the formula above:

C = R / D / (E/100) / S

C = 100 / 5 / (75/100) /200

C = .133 ft^3/ rotation