Enter your BMR, hill grade, and the weight you are carrying to determine the total calories burned while rucking per hour.

Rucking Calories Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the calories burned while rucking.

C = BMR * MET / 24
  • Where C is the calories burned per hour
  • MET is the metabolic equivalent of a task.
  • BMR is your basal metabolic rate.

To calculate rucking calories, multiply the BMR by the MET, then divide by 24.

Rucking Calories Definition

A rucking calorie is a measure of the total amount of energy burned while hiking under weight.

Rucking Calories Example

How to calculate the total rucking calories?

  1. First, determine your BMR.

    Calculate your BMR using the calculator linked above.

  2. Next, determine the hill grade.

    This can also be calculated with the link for hill grade above.

  3. Next, determine the weight you are carrying.

    Measure the total weight you are carrying.

  4. Finally, calculate the rucking calories.

    Calculate the total calories burned per hour using the formula above.


What is rucking?

Rucking is known as the act of hiking while carrying weight.

What is MET?

MET stands for the metabolic equivalent task, and it is a ratio or measure of the total increase in calories burned from rest while performing a task. The higher the intensity the higher the MET.

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