Enter the total number of minutes a therapist was clocked in for and the number of minutes the therapist spent with patients to calculate the therapy productivity.

Therapy Productivity Formula

The following formula is used to calculate therapy productivity.

P = MP / MC *100

P = MP / MC *100

  • Where P is the therapy productivity (%)
  • MP is the minutes spent with patients
  • MC is the minutes spent clocked in

To calculate the therapy productivity, divide the minutes spent with patients by the minutes spent clocked in, then multiply by 100.

Therapy Productivity Definition

Therapy productivity is defined as the ratio or percentage of time a therapist spends with patients compared to the total time the therapist was clocked in for.

Example Problem

How to calculate therapy productivity?

First, determine the total minutes spent with patients for an entire day. For this problem, the therapist was found to have spent 200 minutes with patients for the day.

Next, determine the total minutes spent clocked in. This particular therapist worked a standard 8-hour day, so that would be 480 minutes.

Finally, calculate the therapy productivity.

Using the formula above:

P = MP / MC *100

= 200/480 *100

= 41.66 %

Whether this is good productivity or not depends on many factors including business objectives, current client base, etc.