Trimmed Mean Calculator

Enter the sum of your trimmed data set and the total numbers in that trimmed set into the calculator. The trimmed mean calculator will display the trimmed mean.

Trimmed Mean Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a trimmed mean.

μ = ∑ Xi / n

  • Where μ is the trimmed mean
  • Xi is the sum trimmed data set
  • n is the total amount of numbers in the trimmed data set.

how to calculate a trimmed mean

  1. First, gather your trimmed data

    Gather a set amount of trimmed data from your overall data that you believe will accurately represent the data as a whole.

  2. Sum the trim data

    Add up all of the values in the trimmed data set.

  3. Count the total numbers

    Determine the total amount of numbers in the trimmed set.

  4. Calculate the trimmed mean

    Using the sum of the trimmed data and the total numbers, calculate the trimmed mean used the formula above.


What is a trimmed data set?

A trimmed data set is a small set of data pulled from a larger data set. In general, for useful information it’s important to pull a trimmed set that’s likely to represent similar characteristics of the larger data set.

What is a trimmed mean?

A trimmed mean is exactly as it sounds, it’s the average of the values of the trimmed set you chose.

trimmed mean calculator

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