Enter the total number of points, the number of field goal attempts, and the number of free throws attempted into the calculator below to determine the true shooting percentage of a basketball player.

True Shooting Percentage is one measure of the rate at which a basketball player scores points per attempt. In contrast to normal shooting percentage, it takes into account free throw attempts.

True Shooting Percentage Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a basketball player’s true shooting percentage.

TS% = Points / (2 * (FGA+(.044*FTA))

  • Where TS% is the true shooting percentage
  • points is total points scored
  • FGA is field goal attempts
  • FTA is free throw attempts.

In many cases, a true shooting percentage is a better representation of the so-called efficiency of a basketball player. That efficiency is really another word for how often a player scores compared with how many attempts they make. The higher the TS the higher the efficiency.

This statistic, however, is not the end all be all for how good a player is. First and foremost, it doesn’t take into account half of the game, which is defense. Secondly, a player that gets fouled often will have a higher true shooting percentage if they make their free throws. This is good, but players that shoot many free throws tend to struggle in the playoffs due to refs allowing more physical play.

True Shooting Calculator (TS Percentage)