Water to Cement Ratio Calculator

Enter the total amount of water (cubic yards) and the total weight of cement used to calculate the water to cement ratio.

Water to Cement Ratio Formula

The following formula is used to calculate a water to cement ratio.

W:C = WV*1680.5/CW

  • Where W:C is the water to cement ratio
  • WV is the water volume used (yd^3)
  • CW is the cement weight (lbs)

Water to Cement Ratio Definition

A water to cement ratio is defined as the total ratio of the weight of water to weight of cement used in a cement mix.

Water to Cement Ratio Example

How to calculate water to cement ratio?

  1. First, determine the volume of water.

    Measure the total volume of water.

  2. Next, determine the weight of cement.

    Measure the total weight of the cement used.

  3. Finally, calculate the ratio of water to cement.

    Calculate the ratio using the equation above.


What should the water to cement ratio be?

In most cases the water to cement ratio varies between .45 – .60 depending on the mix.

water to cement ratio calculator
water to cement ratio formula