Credit Card Calculator

Calculate the monthly payments on your credit card in order to pay off the balance in your desired time frame. Enter the total balance, monthly interest rate (yearly interest rate/12) and the desired pay off time.

Credit Card Calculation of Interest

Credit cards typically if not always come with an interest rate, which is the premium you pay for “borrowing” money from the lender.

For credit cards, this interest rate is normally expressed in a yearly rate. This is also known as the annual percentage (APR). With that said, typically this annual rate is divided by 12 months and applied to your credit card bill every month.

In short this is how interest is calculator on your credit card. For example. If you owe $400.00 on a credit card and your APR is 12% (FYI that’s way lower than normal), then you will pay $40.00 in interest for the month that this is not paid off.

In a formula this looks like the following:

Interest = Credit Card Balance * APR/12/100

Credit Card Calculator Payoff

Paying off a credit card is one of the top 10 stresses in peoples lives according to a recent study. Because of this, it’s important to understand the correct way to pay of credit cards.

Method 1) Pay the entire balance of the credit card every single month on time. This is the only true way to avoid interest payments and build a very good credit score. With that said, it’s not always the most feasible for people with variable incomes.

Method 2) Pay the maximum amount you can afford each month. This will reduce the total interest you end of paying, while also allowing you to pay for other things in life.

Method 3) Pay the minimum balance on the credit card. This is not advised and will cause you to accrue an extremely large amount of interest. Never use this method unless you have to.

Credit Card Calculator Payment

Credit Card Calculator
Credit Card Payment Calculator

Another method for looking at your credit card payment is to chose a set time frame for when you want to pay the balance off. This can help avoid unnecessary purchases and keep you accountable.

A good tip for using this method is to chose a time frame less than 12 months. This will minimize your interest payments.

Explore the calculator above to find a good method for yourself.