Enter the mass of water and the change in temperature to calculate the enthalpy change of water.

Enthalpy of Water Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the change in enthalpy of water.

H = m * C * T

  • Where H is the enthalpy of water (J)
  • m is the mass of water (g)
  • C is the specific heat of water (4.186 J/g*C)
  • T is the temperature (C)

Enthalpy of Water Definition

The enthalpy of water is dependent on the mass and temperature of the water. The higher the temperature and the larger the mass the greater the enthalpy. The enthalpy of water is also dependent on the specific heat which is equal to 4.186 J/g*C for water.


How to calculate the change in enthalpy of water?

  1. First, determine the initial temperature.

    Measure the initial temperature of the water.

  2. Next, measure the mass.

    Measure the mass of the water.

  3. Next, determine the final temperature.

    Measure the final temperature of water.

  4. Finally, calculate the enthalpy of water.

    Calculate the change in enthalpy using the equation above.


What is water enthalpy?

The enthalpy of water is described as the amount of energy contained within water due to the movement of molecules within the water.