Enter the temperature of the air mass into the calculator to determine the enthalpy of that air mass.

Air Enthalpy Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the enthalpy of air.

E = 1.007 * T - .026
  • Where E is the enthalpy (KJ/kg)
  • T is the temperature (C)

To calculate air enthalpy, multiply the temperature by 1.007, then subtract .026.

Air Enthalpy Definition

What is air enthalpy? The enthalpy of air is defined as the total energy per unit of mass of an isolated area of air at a constant temperature.

Example Problem

How to calculate air enthalpy?

  1. First, determine the temperature of the air.

    For this example, the air mass has a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

  2. Next, determine the enthalpy.

    Using the formula above, calculate the enthalpy. E = 1.007 * 60 – .026 = 60.42 KJ/kg.

  3. Finally, convert into the necessary units.

    For this problem, we want to convert to J/kg, so we need to multiply the result by 1000. 60.42 KJ/kg * 1000 = 60,420 J/kg.

About Air Enthalpy

Is the enthalpy of moist and dry air the same? The enthalpy between dry air and moist air will be different because moist air also contains water in its mixture.