Enter the pounds per hour, specific heat, and temperature change in the barrel to calculate the extruder power required.

Extruder Power Formula

The following formula is used to calculate the power required by an extruder.

EP = .00053* mdot * c * T
  • Where EP is the extruder power (horsepower, hp)
  • mdot is the output (lbs /hr)
  • c is the specific heat (BTU/hr-F)
  • T is the change in temperature (F)

To calculate the extruder power, multiply output, by the specific heat, then multiply that result by the temperature rise.

What is Extruder Power?


Extruder power is a measure of the total energy per unit time that an extruder needs to be supplied with in order to properly run.

How to calculate Extruder Power?

Example Problem:

The following example outlines how to calculate an extruder power requirement.

First, determine the output/mass flow rate. In this example, the output is 1000 lbs/hr.

Next, determine the specific heat of the material. This extruder material has a specific heat of .55 BTU/hr-f.

Next, determine the temperature change within the extruder. In this case, the change in temperature if 400F.

Finally, calculate the extruder power using the formula above:

EP = .00053* mdot * c * T

EP = .00053* 1000 * .55 * 400

EP = 116.6 hp